• Bee Pollen for good health
  • Bee products strengthen your immune systems
  • Bee Pollen granules - better than capsules
Bee pollen for good health1 Bee pollen strengthens your immune systems2 Bee pollen granules - better than capsules3

Do you know why evolution has changed practically everything except bees?

A. Bees have the strongest antibacterial and immune properties found in nature.

Are you looking for extra strength and stamina, a super energy boost,
or are you looking for protection for you and your family?

Bee Power natures superfood Pollen power Active Jarrah honey - Australias best honey pollen, more protein than beef eggs and cheese

pollen power testimonials
Your Bee Pollen is pure magic. Not only does it have a delicious nutty flavour it actually works wonders. After the 14 day Lemon Detox I have been taking Honeybee bee pollen for 2 weeks now and I feel fantastic.

Knowing what a pure food supplement this is ,from the incredible genius of the honeybees work, you could not find a purer form of nutritional supplement, try it yourself.

I look forward to telling you how I feel a month after taking it.


Bathurst, NSW

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Hello and welcome to our bee hive. My name is Victoria. I'm the Queen Bee of this colony. You may not be aware of this but evolution has changed practically everything on this planet except us bees. We have a long history dating back over 35 million years. This is mainly due to our potent antibiotic and defensive properties. We have the strongest antibacterial and immune properties found in nature.

As we are the only insects that provide food for humans, we are overjoyed to offer you the world's most superior bee products, sourced from pristine lands right here in Western Australia. Our bee products have so many known benefits and have helped thousands of people change their lives.

We hope you enjoy the powerful benefits of the world's most potent super foods.

Thank you for visiting my colony.

Our queen bee


USA pollen buyers have deemed Western Australian eucalyptus pollen to be the tastiest in the world.

"Pollen Power bee pollen" is the best-picked pollen in Australia, certified and extracted from the highest quality Eucalyptus species in Western Australia. Western Australia’s eucalyptus pollen is renowned for being the tastiest in the world, as well as being of the highest quality.


Bee Pollen provides energy, stamina and strength, and enhances performance levels. A complete natural food, bee pollen is full of natural protein to give you a super energy boost.

Today, practitioners and specialists describe bee pollen as a complete food. Bee pollen has so many known benefits and has helped thousands of people change their life. Bee pollen helps you rejuvenate and enhance vitality. Bee pollen's ability to consistently and noticeably increase energy levels makes it a favourite substance among many world class athletes.


The cleansing process from the Lemon Detox program is followed by the recovery stage. If you want to obtain the maximum benefits from the Lemon Detox program, it is recommended that you take a natural food supplement for a period of time, and bee pollen is most ideal for this.